About Foster Care

Foster care is never intended to be a permanent situation. The goal is to return children to a permanent care arrangement as soon as possible, whether by reuniting them with birth parents, transferring custody to a relative, or locating adoptive parents. Out-of-home placements include a variety of living situations:

Family Foster Care

The child is placed in the home of a non-relative.

Kinship Care

The child is placed in the home of a relative or a close family friend.

Residential/Group Care

The child is placed in a group care setting (group home, residential facility, etc.) This option is usually for children with special needs, but also includes orphanages.

Emergency Care

A home or center for temporary emergency placement when a child must be immediately removed from his or her home.

Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement

The child is placed into a long-term foster care arrangement only if there is sufficient reason to exclude all possible legal, permanent family goals.

Unfortunately, a significant number of children must rely on foster care until they exit the system as young adults. At that juncture, they typically are ill-prepared for living on their own, with little or no financial resources nor the support structures that those who grew up in stable family environments often take for granted. In recognition of the challenges these young adults face, the Stewardship Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarship assistance to these students as they strive to build a better future through a college education.